Dublino 96 –  Automatic Belt Vacuum Packing machine


Automatic belt type vacuum packing machine designed for small/medium-volume-industrial size units in the field of fresh meats, processed meats, sausages, cheese, fish and 4° range.

Possibility to use as sole equipment or combined with thermoshrinking and drying tunnels.


General features:

Structure and carters realized in stainless steel with surfaces easily cleanable.


Lid movement by pneumatic piston.


Conveyor belt with advancement speed control from 0 to 30mt/min.


Possibility to seal every kind of bags with one frontal seal bar or two parallel seal bars.


Automatic cycles control by PLC and touch screen check panel extractable as drawer. Check panel, simple and intuitive, with notice of eventual anomalies or alarms and help pages for rapid troubleshooting.


Vacuum control, selectable on check panel, for all different packing exigencies:


  1. Time or sensor vacuum control.
  2. Extra vacuum system.
  3. Step vacuum system, suggested for particularly humid products.




  • Seal bars thermoregulation system, to adjust seal bars temperature.
  • Scrap cutting partial (manual separation of edge of bag) or total (separation automatically made by machine).
  • Conveyor belt with sticks  for products without flat surfaces, realized upon products specifications.
  • Possibility of left functioning (belt advancement from left to right).
  • Tele-assistance system via telephone or web, that allows the control of eventual anomalies of machine immediately and directly through check panel or via webcam comunication.
  • Bagging machine
  • High performance vacuum accelaration system (booster) to maximize the vacuum pumps efficiency.

Technical Features 


Useful seal bar lenght 1000mm
Useful distance to end of chamber 682mm
Useful distance between the seal bars 600mm
Useful lid height 160-260mm
Overall dimensions 2705mm   1100mm 1630mm(h)
Electric connection 400 V – 50Hz (3P+T)
Compressed Air consumption 6/7 Bar