AS 38 – 1500 – Belt type vacuum packing machine

Automatic belt type vacuum packing machine designed for large-volume-industrial size units in the field of fresh meats, processed meats and cheese. The adopted structure, movements and pneumatic settings allow the optimization of cycle times, guaranting a high hourly production and a stable and good packs presentation. PLC machine control system with different storable programs to adapt the machine to the specific working and productive exigencies. Colour Touch Screen check panel, simple and intuitive, needed to manage all working parameters. Simple and robust machine construction to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations.


Machine equipment:

  • pierce cutting: to pierce the end of the bag to avoid its explosion in case it remains outside the vacuum chamber;
  • mechanical scrap cutting: trimming of the exceeding part of the bag;
  • scrap aspiration: aspiration through motor of scraps after cutting and their conveyance inside a collecting tank;
  • electronic control of vacuum pumps status to protect the booster pump.


Optional: separated loading belt

  • for the automatic loading of products without any operator: with automatic step advancement;
  • to apply just one operator: with step advancement manually activated through button.

Technical features 


Nr. of seal bars 2 parallel
Lenght of seal bars 2 x 1500 mm
Distance between bars 800 mm
Lid height 160, 220, 300, 360 mm
Overeall dimensions 4065 x 1500 x 2047(h) mm
Weight 2000 Kg approx.
Pneumatic setting 7÷8 bar – 500nl/min