tu 800 tunnel di termoretrazione a pioggia

TU 800 – Water Spray Thermoshrinking Tunnel



Hot water spray thermoshrinking tunnel used in vacuum packing systems to optimize package aspect and improve its security.

Equipped with a motorized conveyor belt, with adjustable speed, that transports the products under a flush of water closed inside a tunnel protected by curtains both in entrance and exit side. Robust and adequately isolated structure to minimize the heat leakage.

Electronic system for water temperature control.

Double version of water heating: by electric elements or by steam injection.


General features:


Continuous production process.


Structure made in stainless steel easily cleanable.


Conveyor belt made in a specific material that doesn’t detach the products even when working at high temperatures.

All vanes of tunnel are easily accessible in case of hygenization and maintenance.


Possibility to adjust the speed of belt and the temperature of water.


Equipped with hood and fan to convey and aspire steam.


Automatic system to control water level.


Structure equipped with specific tray to collect eventual overflow of water with drainage tube.




Left functioning (belt rotation from left to right).

Technical features


Conveyor belt width 760 mm.
Conveyor belt length 1500 mm.
Max product height 250 mm.
Electric power  35 to 55 Kw
Steam consumption  from 70 to 130 Kg/h (4 Kw)
Overall dimensions  1562 x 1156 x 1855(h) mm.
Weight 100 kg