tu-120-100 tunnel automatico termoretrazione

TU 120-100 – Automatic Water Immersion Thermoshrinking Tunnel


Thermoshrinking tunnel with immersion into hot water.

Used in vacuum packing systems to optimize the package aspect and improve its security.

Robust and adequately isolated structure to minimize the heat leakage.

Automatic system to keep water level constant.

Double version of water heating: by electric elements or by steam injection.


General features:


Structure made in stainless steel easily cleanable.


Immersion belt made in a specific material that doesn’t detach the products even working at high temperatures.

Belt completely extractable in case of hygenization and maintenance.


Possibility to adjust products loading, unloading and immersion time and water temperature.


Belt rotation controlled by electric motor.

Immersion movement controlled by pneumatic piston.


Equipped with hood and fan to convey and aspire steam.


Possibility to exclude water immersion and use tunnel as conveyor belt for products that don’t need thermoshrinking process.





Left functioning (belt rotation from left to right).

Technical Features


Immersion roller belt dimensions 800 x 930mm
Immersion depth 300mm
Tank capacity 350 Lt
Electric power 36,5kw
Steam consumption 100kg/h
Overall dimensions 1100 x 1300 x 2165h mm