Our reference market: 

EUROPE: Italy, France, Belgium, Netherland, Austria, Spain, Polond.
ASIA: Russia, Kazakistan, Lithuania.
CENTRE SOUTH AMERICA: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia.

Culture, experience, tradition and innovation 

Since 1975 the company studies, projects and manufactures vacuum packing machines and bagging systems for food and non-food products.

The love for quality, the respect for work and the great Italian ability to understand and conceive the best solutions for customers’ requests, make the Saccardo company a renowned point of reference for the national and the international market.


Saccardo studies:

single machines and whole production lines for packing and sealing your products, protecting them with intelligence and love.


Saccardo projects:

reliable machines in terms of quality, safety and tecnology, fruit of constant research of the best performances, for concrete results always in line with the market demand


Saccardo produces:

a range of machines really reliable and useful for preserving in a healthy and safe way, as long as possible.

The Saccardo company energy arises from a perfect balance of will and reason, achieving innovative products, rigorously made in Italy.