Applications of our vacuum packing machines

Saccardo vacuum packing machines are available in a wide variety of models and dimensions, depending on the product to be packed and on the needs of the customers of diverse sectors, from food to pharmaceutical one, from herbal to chemical one. Single or double chamber, or automatic belt, the Saccardo vacuum packing machines distinguish themselves for their versatility, which allows to satisfy all exigencies, even thanks to a complete range of adjustments and accessories.


– Single and double chamber machines, which work with preformed bags and can pack in MAP. They can be tabletop or stand alone and have different dimensions, which means different loading capacity.


– Automatic belt vacuum packing machines, which work in full autonomy. Available in different models and loading capacity, they are incredibly well-performant.


– Manual and automatic thermosealers, which work with pre-formed trays and can pack in MAP.


– Thermoforming machines, customised following to the product to be packed and completely automatic, create the package desired by the customer by forming of the film reel.


– Automatic systems for product bagging  which can work both with taped, pre-formed bags or creating the bag following to the needed dimensions, starting from tubular film. With possibility of automatic loading of the eventual vacuum packing machine present in the line.


– Tunnels for thermo-shrinking  of bag, hot water immersion or waterspray.